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deviation in storage by BlackInfinity666
Favourites of all time >w<


Fave Anime Characters by L-luvs-cake

First of all I can see that this might well be your first "gather of characters as a banner thingie" I'm not gonna be too rough, or els...


Teras Seminary - Taichi by deerly-hime
Teras Seminary - Taichi
Full Name: Taichi

Pronunciation: Tai-chi

Nick Name (s) Or Alias: Tai or simply none. 

Real Age and Age of Appearance: 150 years old (16 human age)

Birthday (month and day): 11th November (Scorpio)

House: Mercury

Class Level: High School Sophomore

Species/ Descendants of: Wizard/Beastman (Komodo Dragon)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Doesn't understand the subject 

Nationality: Singapore/Japanese

Height: 1,85 cms

Weight: 85 kgs

Hair color/ Length/ Style: Dirty blonde hair with light brown hints. Keeps it short in the back but in the front has two medium strands besides a side swept bangs.

Skin/ Scales/ Fur Color and/or Markings/ Scars: Tan skin with hints of green-ish yellow (where his scales are stronger). Has several marks due to fighting in his childhood.

Extra Appendages?: A big and thick Komodo Dragon tail

Preferred style of clothing and accessories: Mainly tank tops or big sweaters. Loves wearing Harem Pants and sneakers. Ocassionally uses Slip-ons. During Winter, it's natural to see him wear a lot of layers since he hardly enjoys Winter. Oh and he also enjoys 80s-90s sportwear.

Personality: In short, he's a sarcastic and lonely asshole. Taichi doesn't enjoy social contact and basically just comes out of his dorm to have classes, eat and shower. Emotions are not his forté but there is one he lives strongly: anger. He explodes if teased, curses when he likes, oh well, the boy has a temper! Tends to keep things to himself even if asked and doesn't like to share his things. Has a sharp tongue that will prontly point something that he doesn't like about you. 

Likes: Isolation, loud music, warm and dry weather, sunbathing, writing poetry (what? The kid has a vein for it)

Dislikes: Being mocked, being bothered, social interaction, social events… basically anything that involves other people. Oh and cold weather. 

Fears/Phobias: Being electrocuted, shocks, etc.

Favorite Color: Earth Colors

Taste of Music: If it's loud, he will listen to anything but he enjoys hearing J-Metal and Screamo. Will ocasionally listen to Black Mental too. 

Hobbies: Studying Hexes and trying them on new people, writing poetry on his small notebook, sunbathing for long hours, smoking (dudes hates it but thinks it's cool)

Hard skin - Very resistant against weapons and other injuries
Venom - His tongue and saliva has a natural venom that Taichi is still learning to control its appearance. Can give pretty bad infections and rashes to his victim besides causing confusion if not treated.
Claws - Taichi has non-retractable claws that can slice meat easily. When he was younger it made him easier to climb trees.
Strenght - Has enough strenght to knock out a tree down after a few bumps against it. 
Magic - Still trying to figure it out but is growing fond of elemental magic (most especifically earth magic) and hexes/curses. 

Favorite and Least Favorite Foods and Drinks:

Fav foods: Spicy Ramen, Dumplings, Chilli Crab <3, fresh beverages. Occasionally enjoys strong alcohol.

Least fav foods: Sugary foods, no spices on his food, chocolate and sushi.

Pets: Black Guinea Pig called Hei.

Family: None that he knows. 


Close Combat
Magic Combat
Basic Magic
P.E. (Rugby)
Potions, Charms and Transformation 
Fine Arts (Poetry) 

History: Orphan boy that got accepted after some time. I won't tell much more, I like to keep the drama in xD
Zoe - dating sim by deerly-hime
Zoe - dating sim
OTL I-I don't know what to say xD

I'm gonna update this when finished of course. This is Zoe in a dating sim version saying 'N-net-senpai', a girl she's growing fond of 

I have to fix the neck, put the eyes smaller, fix those darn hands xD

Oh well, enjoy the crappy quality. :iconwackyrainbows: told me to put it. 
Yanni, the pastel goth queen by deerly-hime
Yanni, the pastel goth queen
I think the quality was a bit ruined on the other one so have Yanni alone <3

Yanni (c) Me
Yanni R. Colonomos by deerly-hime
Yanni R. Colonomos
FINALLY FINISHED ;^; I'm thinking if I should upload Yanni alone, I really enjoyed drawing him.

Full Name: Yanni Raguel Colonomos

Pronunciation: I-a-ni Ra-gue-le Có-ló-nó-mos

Nick Name (s) Or Alias: None.

Real Age and Age of Appearance: 200 (18 human years)

Birthday (month and day): 30th June (Cancer) 

House: Sarin

Class Level: College Freshman

Species/ Descendants of: Cyclops/Incubus (lesser)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homossexual

Nationality: Georgian (from Georgia)/Greek 

Height: 163 cms

Weight: 45 kgs

Hair color/ Length/ Style: White with grey highlights, undershaved and messy and big enough to make a tiny ponytail.

Skin/ Scales/ Fur Color and/or Markings/ Scars: Skin has a sort of grey-ish blue color. Uses a septum piercing. 

Extra Appendages?: Devil's tail, black with a degradé to grey horns and a pair of small black wings. 

Preferred style of clothing and accessories: Pastel goth clothing that include several colorful patterns with soft tones, crosses, spikes, studs, roses and candy. Shorts with garters and leggings are on his fav list. Loves flower crowns.

Personality: Even though he has a natural charm with the opposite sex, Yanni tries not to show his most flirty side with them (error: pieces missing in them). Instead of giving attention, he prefers to get it, getting pouty if he doesn't have it or doing something to get it ("Hey look at me jungling!"). If refered to how short and light, be ready to fly because this baby will throw you out the window! Even so, praising makes him happy but also blushy. 

Likes: Attention (he feeds on it lol), singing songs whenever (mostly showers, corridors, while concentrated on a task), fashion (especially pastel fashion), gifting friends with his creations.

Dislikes: Being ignored, criticism, people with no fashion sense. (prepare for a make over!)

Fears/Phobias: Ending up alone. 

Favorite Color: Any pastel color (mint green, baby pink, baby blue, etc)

Taste of Music: Alternative Rock

Hobbies: Enjoying collecting all sorts of crystals due to its colors, singing, sewing new acessories or clothing and photoshooting new outfits. Surprisingly good with iron working. 

Skills/Abilities: As a cyclops, Yanni has great strenght (considering his weight and slim body) and enhanced speed. His hearing is also improved by being a one-eyed being. As an incubus (lesser), Yanni can fly short distances or stay on his spot. Can also do some minor healing and often dreamwalks (unintentionally). 

Favorite and Least Favorite Foods and Drinks:
Favourite - All sorts of candy but especially Marshmellows and Cotton Candy, fizzy drinks, sushi, tempura and other asian delights and pies!

Least - Alcoholic beverages, lemons, vegetables.

Pets: a Ferret named Doni 

Family: Father (incubus), Mother (half-cyclops; meaning she has the genes and abilities for it but not the physical appearance), Grandmother (cyclops) and about 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Yanni is the youngest. 

Classes: College Basics I (with roller derby), Iron and Wood Works, Transformations, Potions and Charms and Astronomy and Divination. Is also a member of the Glee club. Career Goal: Fashion Designer

History: (Optional If you wanna remain mysterious) 

Nothing much to say, Yanni comes from a rather big family and being the youngest means getting the leftovers of the others. Born as a greek, Yanni's family soon moved to Georgia, a country with a diversity of environment that suited everybody. 

Much like his brothers and sisters, Yanni was invited to join the Seminary and happily did so! He's hoping to find some fellow greeks to go on a trip to his homeland.


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Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces

I have stupid fears.

I'm afraid of spiders and sirens and I'm attracted to the occult, especially stuff that are related to Lovecraft.

I draw when I want and sometimes don't even finish what I draw, nothing special!

Peace out.

I'm still not sure about this decision but I think I want to make a new account so I can wipe off the dust. This account has way too many things that I don't want to have it here and I might be a little bit too lazy to clean it all up!

Also my nickname here is quite lame hehe. I made this when I was 12 so yeah...

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Forget it, I didn't know that the dA subscription was that cheap so I'm just going to buy it, change the nickname and clean up the gallery eh.

Thank Xanatos for the tip~

P.s. - I'm dying right now because I'm having another bladder infection and I can't take this anymore. I wanna cry ;_; I'm going to the ER tomorrow.
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