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Fave Anime Characters by L-luvs-cake

First of all I can see that this might well be your first "gather of characters as a banner thingie" I'm not gonna be too rough, or els...


Petting Zoo (WIP) by deerly-hime
Petting Zoo (WIP)
I hope I finish this one ;-; This is for :iconteras-seminary: and yes that's a Griffin <3
Mireya Velasquez - Care for Magical Creatures by deerly-hime
Mireya Velasquez - Care for Magical Creatures
Full Name: Mireya Petra Velásquez

Pronunciation: Me-rie-ya Pe-tra Ve-las-quéz

Nick Name (s) Or Alias: Mia, Mira

Real Age and Age of Appearance: 24 human years (623 monster years)

Birthday (month and day): 28th June

House: None

Class Level: Care of Magical Creatures Teacher

Species/ Descendants of: Were (jaguar) and Ignis

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: Columbian

Height: 1,78m

Weight: 68kgs

Hair color/ Length/ Style: Black hair with blue highlights, messy and reaching her middle back lenght

Skin/ Scales/ Fur Color and/or Markings/ Scars: Skin has a nice mocha color with light blue markings over her ribcage, shoulders and right eye. Her fur is black with dark blue highlights (typical of a black panther).

Extra Appendages?: Nope.

Preferred style of clothing and accessories: Tight clothes or at least close to the body. They give her sense of move mobility. She also has a passion for corsets and fake fur.

Mireya may appear rude at the eyes of outsiders or even for people who meet her in a first encounter. In fact, Mireya believes that with honesty and bluntness can the world really advance, so don't be fooled by her words. She is speaking through her heart what she believes is the most efficient way of connecting with other people. Despite her bluntness, Mirage tries hard to keep a connection with the people she meets. She attempts to give out a positive and warm vibe. Except if you are talking about how much you love big cities. That will turn her smile into a frown! 

Likes: Likes long nights and staying up all night involved her work. Adores the animals she treats and giving class. Every once in a while, enjoys a walk in the woods to put her thoughts in mind. 

Dislikes: Big cities and crowds. She can't stand smoke either.

- To hurt somebody in her were form.

Favorite Color: Black and dark colors.

Taste of Music: Anything that relates to Metal. (Syphonic, Black, etc.)

Hobbies: Long walks along woods, forests or mountains, enjoys cooking for herself and for others and also experiment and try new foods. 

Skills/Abilities: Every full moon, she transforms into a full black jaguar, although slightly bigger and stronger than an actual one, meaning she has the abilities of a big cat, great hearing, quick reflexes and great eyesight as well. As an ignis, she can manipulate and control fire enough to handle it.

Favorite and Least Favorite Foods and Drinks: Favorite foods include any type of grills (wether is meat or vegetables) and also fresh baked bread. She also enjoys to drink orange juice or lemonade first thing in the morning.

She doesn't have any food or drink she doesn't enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, coffee? But if it is combined with something else, she will eat it. 

Pets: A raven that usually stays by her window on her office. That must count as a pet since she feds it right? She calls him Allan.

Mother (Alive, also a were), Father (deceased, an human ignis).

Classes: Teacher of Care for Magical Creatures.
Zoe Bloemhoven by deerly-hime
Zoe Bloemhoven

Full Name: Zoe Meike Bloemhoven

Pronunciation: Zo-e Mei-ke Blo-om-ho-ven

Nick Name (s) Or Alias: Zoe, Mei

Real Age and Age of Appearance: 1821 (17 in human years)

Birthday (month and day): 15th May

House: Arsenic

Class Level: High School Junior

Species/ Descendants of: Plant Monster // Crossbreed with a Blue Poppy and a Yellow Rose

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Nationality: Dutch

Height: 1,70m

Weight: 52kgs

Hair color/ Length/ Style: Short messy light blue hair

Skin/ Scales/ Fur Color and/or Markings/ Scars: Light green skin, very silky with small white hairs. Also has a burnt mark on her right leg

Extra Appendages?: Elven years with flowers and thorns blooming on her shoulders, back, neck, back of her knees and elbows. She has more flowers blooming during Spring. Also her blood as a light red color and tastes kinda sweet.

Preferred style of clothing and accessories: Baggy and comfy clothing with room enough for her flowers to grow.

Personality: Quiet, introverted, prefers the calm and silence of a garden over the noise of a crowd. She has a soft and low voice, not used to social interactions. Even so, she's eager to learn although she doesn't show it as much as she could. She's the one you will find gardening and speaking to the flowers, taking care of the insects she find or taking notes while reading a book. She believes with knowledge she will find which path she may go.

Likes: Quietness, laying under the sun, flowers, gardening, tea and reading

Dislikes: Loud noises, having her flowers picked up, winter time.

Fears/Phobias: Speaking in front of large crowds, big predators (the ones that eat plants) and fire.

Favorite Color: Light blue

Taste of Music: Atmosphere, Classical, Trip hop, Dream pop

Hobbies: Working part-time in the school gardens, reading books in the library, hiking.

Skills/Abilities: Protection against enemies using the spikes from her rose parts;
Growing flowers where she likes;
Sometimes when she's walking, flowers grow on the path she steps (she does this unconsciously, specially when she's sleep walking (she also talks ahaha) and the flowers will wither right after she leaves the spot).

Favorite and Least Favorite Foods and Drinks:


Sweet Strawberry Pie
Chesnut and Sweet Potato Soup
All sorts of soft fruits (kiwis, bananas, mango ,etc.)

Least Favorite:

Spicy food

Pets: Bees and other insects are attracted to her flowers but there's a caterpillar which has been keeping her company.

Family: Adopted by two female Aspen tree monsters.


High School Basics III (Physical Education)
Demonology and Angeology
Care of Magical Creatures

History (Optional If you wanna remain mysterious) :

Zoe was put up to adoption when she was just a baby. She has never met her birth parents and has passed great part of her childhood in the orphanage that took good care of her. Even though she was well treated by the personnel that worked there, she couldn't say the same about other kids. Most of the time they were trying to befriend her but Zoe always got anxious and ended up using her spikes to protect herself whenever somebody touched her. This caused her to be a loner in her childhood since most of the kids were afraid of her ability. The human ones were less comprehensive but the worst was always avoid because Zoe was with her nose stuffed against a book, near by the adults.

Many people came to adopt kids and several were the ones which looked to Zoe with some sort of curiosity. But as soon as they approached her, anxiety took over her and the spikes would stung somebody's fingers. 

At the age of 7, two plant monsters came to visit the children in order to find which one they should adopt. They were a completely different time of plant monster as Zoe since they were Aspen trees. No spikes and flowers bloomed from them but Zoe felt a little bit more confident when she saw ones similar to her kind. She tried to remain calm when their eyes met hers and shyly introduced to the trees. Both women looked at each other with a smile and quickly started the adoption process. 

After that, Zoe got a happy life, even though in school most of her reccess was still spent in the library. When she was 12, one of the kids in her school decided to play an awful prank to Zoe. This boy had a lighter, stole from his father. He had the idea to scare Zoe with his own ability but this prank ended in a terrible way because Zoe's leg was struck with one of his balls (of fire lol), causing a burnt that still remains on that area. Ever since that day, Zoe's biggest phobia is fire.

She later received a letter to attend Teras Seminary, a school where she could feel like home. Both her mothers agreed it would be lovely for her to interact with the ones on her kind and similar. The house she chose was, ironically, the one associated with fire but she knew it was the right one for her.

Now Zoe's journey in a new world begins now. 
.: G I F F A N Y :. by deerly-hime
.: G I F F A N Y :.
Finally finished this drawing  I did a couple of weeks ago. My photoshop was being stupid and not opening but I finally fixed the problem. And I just wanted to add the lettering on photoshop ;-; All the rest was done in Paint Tool Sai.

Here you have Giffany, the crazy yandere girlfriend from Gravity Falls. Careful with those Otome games. 


Giffany (c) Alex Hirsch

Art (c) Me


deerly-hime's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces

I have stupid fears.

I'm afraid of spiders and sirens and I'm attracted to the occult, especially stuff that are related to Lovecraft.

I draw when I want and sometimes don't even finish what I draw, nothing special!

Peace out.

I'm still not sure about this decision but I think I want to make a new account so I can wipe off the dust. This account has way too many things that I don't want to have it here and I might be a little bit too lazy to clean it all up!

Also my nickname here is quite lame hehe. I made this when I was 12 so yeah...

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Forget it, I didn't know that the dA subscription was that cheap so I'm just going to buy it, change the nickname and clean up the gallery eh.

Thank Xanatos for the tip~

P.s. - I'm dying right now because I'm having another bladder infection and I can't take this anymore. I wanna cry ;_; I'm going to the ER tomorrow.
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